Leading Textile Mill Since 1962


Shri Vaktavarmal Pokarchand JainAt the age of 17 yrs used to sell onions and potatoes in Sewri, Mumbai to earn his bread and butter. Once visited Bhiwandi to meet his friend. Here, he was attracted to the textile industry which pulled him to shift here and learn about manufacturing of fabrics. He started this business with 6 powerlooms and a rented shed of 600 sqft and a capital of 10000 Rupees in Bhiwandi.

Currently Mr. Prakash Vaktavarmal Jain along with his sons are forwarding the dreams built by Mr. Vaktavarmal Pokarchand Jain and running this business with sincerity and dedication. At present, Surya Prakash Silk Mills owns a manufacturing unit of 28000 sqft and a monthly capacity of 500000 Mtrs per month.

At present , Surya Prakash Silk Mills severs quality uniform products pan India. Till date we have severed thousands of customers across India.

Prakash Vaktavarmal Jain

Managing Director

"सब कुछ खोने से भी बुरा होता है उस उम्मीद को खोना जिसके बलबुते हम वो सब कुछ वापस हासिल कर सकते है ।"